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How does the Affiliate Program Work?


Login to your client portal and activate your personal affiliate link


Share your link with friends, family and anyone else who may need our services


Activate your link today and get your $5.
The more you refer, the more you earn.

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Step 1

Log into our client area via:  In the navigation bar on the upper right hand side select “Affiliates.”

Step 2

Click Activate Affiliate Account and receive your $5.00’s immediately!

Step 3

Your client portal will maintain a record of all your referrals, how much you have pending, and the amount withdrawn.


Do I have to support the clients I send?

No. Leave that part to us. We handle support from the minute they sign up. All you do is collect your money.

What if the person clicks on my link but doesn't sign up right away?

Our exclusive affiliate management system keeps a cookie on the end user’s device for up to 90 days. If they leave and come back within 90 days, you get your money.

Does it cost anything to join?

No way! There are no costs to you. In fact, we give you $5 just for signing up and activating your affiliate account.

Can I do PPC bids?

Sure, no problem. If you do want to do this, please do not include anything relating to our brand like “BBGN,” BigBrain,” “Big Brain Global,” “Big Brain,” and so on.

Do I have to be a Big Brain Customer?

No, although we won’t see why you wouldn’t love our peace of mind hosting!

I made a sale, where is my money?

When your account has reached $35 in affiliate sign ups and the balance has reminaed the same or more for 75 days or longer, you can take the money out at any time.

I have more questions...

No problem, our affiliate team is here to help you. Please reach out today.

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