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Big Brain Host Enters Fully Managed Dedicated Server Market

April 16, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Reston, Virginia April 16, 2012 – President & CEO Brian Smith of Big Brain LLC has recently announced plans to take Big Brain Host, a premier provider of commercial and consumer web hosting services, into a more service oriented dedicated server market.

The move comes just nine months after Big Brain Host decided to launch fully managed virtual machines. When asked what the main drivers behind the decision were, Mr. Smith replied, “Since we launched our fully managed virtual machine platform in August 2011 we have seen an increased demand in our managed services. We have extended our fully managed service offering into the dedicated server market to accommodate the needs of our business partners.”

Mr. Smith believes strongly in high quality service and feels his team is ready to take on a new challenge. With his push for more service oriented business we asked if Brian had any plans to expand his employee workforce and his answer was undecided. “Our staff is extremely dedicated and very talented. We have an extremely high reputation in the VPS market and I continue to expect those results in the dedicated server market.”

In addition, Big Brain Host has teamed up with cPanel and Softaculous to offer all fully managed dedicated server clients cPanel, Softaculous, and WHMXtra for free for a limited time.

Big Brain Host plans to launch the new fully managed dedicated server platform starting on Monday, April 16, 2012. For more information please visit or contact them via email at [email protected]


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