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Important Upgrade Notification!

December 5, 2012, Written by 0 comment


Over the recent months, we have asked various clients for feedback and ways to improve our products and services. Comments reflected a desire to improve the client area. Your feedback and input is very important to us, so we are taking action! Our new and improved client portal will be ready for your use on December 10th, 2012. The new client portal comes with updated tools, so please note the following:

1.NEW URL: The new client portal will be on, so please update your bookmarks to reflect this new address

2.NEW PASSWORD: You will need to reset passwords when accessing your new client portal for the first time

3.PAYPAL / 2CHECKOUT SUBSCRIPTION: If you have a recurring payment, you must cancel and resubscribe when your next invoice is due.

4.SUPPORT TICKETS: You will not have access to your support ticket history with the new portal. However, we will maintain these records on your behalf and will use them for your ongoing issues.

If you have any questions regarding the new upgrade, please feel free to submit a ticket to the helpdesk. We hope you enjoy the improvements and, as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions so that we can serve you better.

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