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Our top 5 iPad/iPhone Apps for Businesses

March 12, 2012, Written by 0 comment

Spring is here and what does that mean? Less time in front of your computer and more doing things outdoors. With the beauty of today’s technology, many people are not attached to their computer. In fact, many business operations can occur while away from your computer and can happen right on  your iPhone or iPad!

Here are our Top 5 Apple iPad / iPhone Apps related to business.

1. Dropbox
While you are away from your computer this spring, your manager might ask you for an important file. While you don’t want to boot up your machine and get the file, if you have Drop Box and the file is located there, you can easily access it from anywhere — including your iPhone or iPad! This means, no logging into a buggy web interface or booting up the clunker, just find the file and email it right from the comfort of your mobile device.  The best part, it is free and the more people  you invite, the more space you get.

2. HootSuite for Twitter
Another app that you cannot live without. With businesses turning to social media for marketing, you must keep all forms of social media up to date. Imagine updating your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts from one simple click. HootSuite makes it possible.  It is also free and available for your iPad (where we find it works best).

3. WebEx for the iPad
We use this particular application quite a bit. We are able to give presentations to clients via WebEx and are able to have sales people connect via an iPad. If we have an engineer and salesperson joining a conference call or web conference, everyone is available to see what the presentation is about and able to chat freely about it. This application comes in handy on the iPad for those last minute meetings that are important to our clients.  If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can also video chat.

4. CloudOn
This particular app allows you to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint while on the go! It is free (for now). You are provided with a username and login upon sign up. Once logged in, you will receive a notebook edition of Windows 7 which comes installed with all of the executive business applications. This is extremely handy when you need to edit a document quickly and return it. You are able to create charts and graphs in Excel and put those finishing touches on the PowerPoint that you have to deliver in 20 minutes.

5. Skype
Many may already be familiar with Skype in the desktop application, however, the iPad and iPhone versions are critical to our business operations. Since we have team members located throughout the country and the world, when we hold our bi-weekly team meetings, we turn to Skype. We’re able to see each other in real time and make free conference calls. The mobile version will “Push” notifications to your device in case you miss a message and just like with the desktop version of Skype, if you log in and someone has typed a message, it wil sync to the current location

What business app do you use for the iPhone or iPad? Let us know below and share the info!


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