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June 17, 2014, Written by 0 comment

The Challenge

When Big Brain Global Networks, (Big Brain) launched its Virtual Private Server (VPS) division in late 2010, it did not expect its critical mass of customers would roll in so quickly. Big Brain’s VPSs, which provide businesses around the world with website and application hosting on its secure server infrastructure quickly became a core product in the Big Brain portfolio.

Just as customers quickly bought up VPSs, they also embraced Big Brain’s highly-skilled technical staff. Demand for VPS and skilled support grew so quickly that it became difficult providing all customers with optimal service. Demand for servers outgrew supply and access to technical support became tied up. To avoid the prospect of lost revenue due to operational hitches, Big Brain needed a strategic partner that was flexible enough to work with its unique growth plans. This partner needed to offer secure colocation hosting for its servers, responsive IT support and reliable connectivity.

The Solution

To meet Big Brain’s need for on-demand skilled technical support and scalable VPS capacity, InfoRelay architected a data center services package that includes managed colocation, unmetered Internet bandwidth and inclusive Epic Support remote hands.

Big Brain’s mission-critical hardware infrastructure was migrated to InfoRelay’s Northern Virginia data centers. It is now racked in private locking server cabinets, and protected by CCTV, 24/7 Epic Support NOC staff, biometric hand scanners and on-site security. Big Brain’s web hosting customers now scale their VPSs without hesitation on the new fault-tolerant hosting setup. To ensure Big Brain’s customers have constant, secure connectivity to their servers, InfoRelay also deployed its highly redundant Premium Bandwidth blend of 12 tier 1 network providers. BigBrain can now deploy multiple 1Gigabit and 10Gigabit bandwidth lines as demand increases.

The Outcome

Since launch, the customer base on the InfoRelay hosting solution has grown over 100%, without concerns of oversubscription or exceeded network capacity. Big Brain regularly exceeds uptime expectations from its customers, and in case of an incident, it can access InfoRelay’s NOC support at all hours. Since deployment, support ticket response time is below 30 minutes on average. With the 24/7 InfoRelay NOC, Big Brainl has increased communication pathways to its own clients as well.

While it only needs 99.99%, Big Brain can now support up to 99.999% uptime on its core, mission-critical hardware and infrastructure.


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